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Song: Golden Time Lover Original Artist: Sukima Switch Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

English Adaptation!! English Lyrics: Y. Chang & Shadowlink4321 Performance & Mixing: Shadowlink4321 (Daniel Alvarez)

This version by shadowlink4321 go to his channel for more!!

Bandicam is the property of Bandisoft. Funimation owns the dubbed version of this anime. Japanese companies who made FMAB: Aniplex Bones Originally made by Hiromu Arakawa, this anime by Hiroshi Ōnogi I basically own no rights to this but enjoyed it and hope you do too! xD Lyrics:

Failure concentrating Body/motor responses hesitating Soul/ego shaking 
Blur between daydreams and awakening
 Loss of control and perpetual Sense that luck and light are fading No more ruminating Shake the strife off your life or keep on waiting

That's my situation Can't escape 'cause to run is degradation No expectations Still I fight to bite temptation

Got to be brave as I unenclave Find the prize is my fixation, I'm Still holding onto my pride, Oh

Is this the shine of a wine-toasted victory Or is it just a sad bitter sigh of defeat? I'll take it either way. 
If fate is just a play I'm tying the strings up starting today

Sound the chime, golden time Steal perfection in its prime Take your place, poker face Ready for the race I will choose to refuse the illusion And shatter the nightmare

Faking tame, pressure game Win or lose it's all the same Pay the fine, border line Hapless to divine 
If there's any how many and when Will these games find an ender? What's the last thing I want to surrender?

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